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Discuss the Rkstar Open Mic, or others. Make plans to collaborate a song with others, share your favorite open mic acts, announce other open mics, etc.

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Topic:Moon & River Documentary
by: rkstar
July 15, '05 1:46am
In case you guys haven't noticed, the past few weeks there have been a small film crew at the open mic (and occasional other M&R shows). It's for a film (titled "Mics and One Way Streets" by the way) will be shown along with four others (also made by Schenectady High School Fine Arts students) at Proctor's Theatre downtown on July 28th at 7pm and then on the 29th at Schenectady High School at 7pm, both nights are FREE. Check it out, you may be a movie star (in addition to a rock star). This week's open mic (7/17) will be the last video'd night.
by: JamesFrederick
July 15, '05 10:32am
I have been meaning to check out the Moon and River's open mic. I've been to a few performances there.

The thought of being in a documentary is the icing on the cake!

I'll be there.
by: CaseyJean
July 16, '05 11:38am
yay for films and car headlights being used to illuminate interviews...the high beams were on of course. those crazy filmmakers.

by: JamesFrederick
July 17, '05 10:35am
Your Illium gig was great, Casey! You sounded the best I've ever heard you. Your piano songs sounded pretty darn good on the guitar too!!

by: patman
July 18, '05 12:02am
2 bad moon-open mic couldn't be like that all the time, like fun, (pseudo) hippie stuff, like at least 2x capacity. i don't get y u didn't get the word out sooner. i mean, that was false ad, because they were not filming the performers this week, hardly, i mean not me the great patman. my flaws proceed me...hey, i like that line. i put a lot of effort into everything i do: it just doesn't pay off, that's all. i need voice lessons, or esle get
John Mayer to sing that song for me, (Heaven).

by: lyricaltobias
July 18, '05 4:36pm
Pat - I happened to like Moon and River. The crowd was awesome on 7/17. I do miss the "Larkin" lot of good memories there. It was nice to see the students filming. A little exposure goes a long way.
by: patman
July 18, '05 6:55pm
i know i babble and ramble but i meant that it definitely was awsome. i'd love to see it like that every week.
by: patman
July 18, '05 6:59pm
ltz (lyricaltobiaz), did you perform? i didn't get there until 9pm. Also, about the students: it appears the pr was mistimed-they were pretty much done by 7/17- they were taping certain acts, including Owen, who was awesome. And his guitar player definitely

by: lyricaltobias
July 19, '05 2:38am
Yes I did! You know Ltz sounds cool.
by: NOTDanGoodspeed
July 23, '05 12:13am
Ok well this is Berto, the director of the student documentary. Just thought that seeing as how Dan was kind enough to give my film some publicity on here I should drop a response. First I want to thank Richard and Dan for permitting the filming of the documentary and for help with the recording. I would also like to thank all the performers who allowed us to film them and their music. I am going to caution those of you that we filmed: We have over 36 HOURS of footage for a film that needs to be a max of 20mins long so there is a good possibility that you may not be in the film. This is not meant to be an insult to any of you, but there is no way we could fit you all in even though you were all great. So i'm sorry if you don't make it to the final cut. (Although there has been talk of an extended feature length "director's cut" if I can get the time, resources and support from the school district). Thats it for my update. Thanks again to all of you who helped us make this possible and please remember to come see it screen along with 4 other films on Thursday at Proctor's Theatre at 7pm for FREE.

PS Patman...I do believe you were filmed our first night there, sorry if we didn't get you this past Sunday.

PPS Casey, you know you loved those headlights
by: Rkstar
July 23, '05 1:05am
Berto, I am so glad you are not dan goodspeed. That could get dangerous.
by: patman
July 23, '05 10:41pm
NOTDan. Cool, thx.

by: NOTDanGoodspeed
July 25, '05 4:03pm
The film is complete.
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