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Discuss the Rkstar Open Mic, or others. Make plans to collaborate a song with others, share your favorite open mic acts, announce other open mics, etc.

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Topic:Moon and river cafe
by: patman
Apr. 14, '05 6:15pm
i haven't come out of my cave to go to open mic in a long time. How's it going there? i think i might be having a hard time going there because it's so small and because i like being half drunk when i go on. i think i might feel out of place there. Oh wait, i feel out of place everywhere. Anyway, introducing my nerd salutation, replaces waas up etc. for those who are cool impaired. "What are the events that are presently transpiring?"

by: patman
Apr. 20, '05 9:33pm
thanks for your comments. NOT. i was expecting more than zero. Oh wait, there's one.

by: victoriab
Apr. 30, '05 9:17pm
well just go check it out, that's what I plan to do.... I've been playing at Moon and River for months but haven't wandered in for the open mike. tomorrow is Moon & River's 1st anniversary so it's a good time to check it out.
by: patman
Apr. 30, '05 9:28pm
Wow! a response. Perhaps i won't die of thirst. i did say perhaps. Tommorow?...When's that?...sounds familiar...or something...and yet it's too far away. i can't change that. And yet there is the one, the never one. The one that was and will never be again. The never one. i long... looooooooooong.........

by: patman
May 1, '05 10:33am
Ramble. Who me?
by: JCvoxguitar
July 22, '05 10:27pm
I attended on Sunday 7/17. It was much smaller than I had expected. Fun tho. The crowd was very responsive.
by: lyricaltobias
Aug. 6, '05 4:11pm
Jer I hope to see you at Moon and River again.
by: chrisearle
Aug. 6, '05 4:22pm
And you have an open mic. Very cool. I went to an open mic in Red Bank, New Jersey, and some guy played Van Halen's "Eruption" on the French Horn. Any thing like that happen at Moon and River?
by: Rkstar
Aug. 6, '05 4:29pm
Ya know... we've yet to have any French horn players. We're probably about due. Though the Moon & River probably isn't the best place for any horn instruments.
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