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Discuss the Rkstar Open Mic, or others. Make plans to collaborate a song with others, share your favorite open mic acts, announce other open mics, etc.

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Topic:No Open Mic Tomorrow, Apparently
by: Rkstar
Dec. 15, '04 4:28pm
So I was just told that GE has reserved the Van Dyck tomorrow (12/16), and the shady new manager didn't bother to tell anyone about it... the owner just mentioned it to me in passing. *sigh*. Sorry everyone.
by: CrayonArtist
Dec. 16, '04 2:08pm
Man, the new management of the Van Dyck has really been screwing with open micers alot lately.....Do they not like music or something?
by: stevemoss
Dec. 16, '04 4:16pm
You've gotta wonder.
by: Drew76
Dec. 17, '04 1:05pm
DAN, I hope you get that new Venue soon. This new manager is a nuts.
by: stevemoss
Dec. 17, '04 3:50pm
Technically, Drew, you're mixing quantities... or thowing in an unnecessary article.

I don't know which.

But it's fun to bust your chops.
by: Ashleythrockstar
Dec. 17, '04 8:10pm
In that case, Steve, what does thowing mean?
by: stevemoss
Dec. 18, '04 5:17pm
That means my fat little fingers missed the "r" key. Thanks, Ash!
by: Ashleythrockstar
Dec. 19, '04 4:15am
lol, you're welcome.. just being difficult.
by: Drew76
Dec. 20, '04 1:05pm
I'm sorry the new manager is a nut. While I'm at it, he also looks like the president of the Joe McCarthy Fan Club.
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