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Rkstar Message Board : Open Mic :
Discuss the Rkstar Open Mic, or others. Make plans to collaborate a song with others, share your favorite open mic acts, announce other open mics, etc.

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Topic:Covers Night- Post your songs here
by: Rkstar
Oct. 29, '04 5:59pm
So as most of the open mic regulars know... the 100th Open Mic is coming up (December 2) and we're going to do covers night. But not those boring covers you'd find at other open mic nights... these covers will all be of other open mic acts' original songs. We're not going to turn away people wanting to do their own stuff.. but we're going to give first dibs to those doing the covers. This message board is for open mic regulars to post their song lyrics and chords. Just reply to this message. Also, it would be nice if those doing a cover would email me at just so I can make sure no one is doing the same song... or at least be able to convey to people that someone else is doing the same song etc. So yeah, just post your most cover-worthy songs here, as well as questions if any. Thanks!
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