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Topic:"The Legend" Rayford Faulkner? Anyone know who he is?
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 14, '06 8:19pm
I know the rkstar open mic has been at Moon and River Cafe quite a lot, but I was wondering if any of you has seen the Legend Rayford Faulkner invade your open mic.

For those who don't know who I'm talking about, he's this strange fellow who walks around town with a video camera and wears a plastic bag tied around his head. He has his own Public Access TV show that airs in Schenectady and the rest of the Capital District titled "The Unreal: Variety Show". I've been watching his TV show recently that he constantly bashes the Moon and River Cafe saying how much he hates their open mic. Is it the rkstar open mic he's bashing?

I know the "The Legend" Rayford Faulkner 'cause he hangs out at Valentine's in Albany on a regular basis and he performed there a few times.

Rkstar Dan, do you know who the bizarre guy is? Just curious.

by: Rkstar
Dec. 15, '06 1:33am
Yeah, we know him. Richard banished him from the open mic (As he's also been banished from the fuze box, the larkin, and the lark tavern... at least according to him). No one really takes him seriously though. He's given out death threats to just about everyone. Though he's harmless. We haven't seen him in well over a year. An interesting tidbit... he got the nickname "the legend" when Paddy Kilrain called him that back when the open mic was at the Larkin. Back then he always signed up as "John Dylan" or the like.
by: patman
Dec. 15, '06 1:58am
Paddy said last month: "patman is the true legend"...
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 15, '06 5:39pm
Thanks for the insight. I would have to say that Rayford is no legend, he's only a Legend in his own mind. He's definitely one of the most delusional person on this planet. You're right Dan, he's completely harmless, although he does have a violent temper, he won't attack anyone physically 'cause he's just all "talk". I never take anything he does so seriously 'cause I think he's good laughing material.

Rock on!
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 15, '06 11:00pm
"I never take anything he does so seriously 'cause I think he's good laughing material."

Really!!!!! I heard that someone was once so terrified of The Legend Rayford Falkner that he called the police to Valentines to protect his whimpering little tushy.... I'm sure that person has a different version of that story though, heck, in his version he might have actually acted like a man.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 15, '06 11:14pm
Welcome to the board Brother T. And no, I wasn't afraid of him one bit.
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 15, '06 11:15pm
" I would have to say that Rayford is no legend, he's only a Legend in his own mind. He's definitely one of the most delusional person on this planet."

People might not believe me when I say this, but I actually know one person who is MORE delusional than The Legend.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 15, '06 11:18pm
Find a new hobby, you can say whatever you want about me, I could care less. My last response in this thread before Brother T (tuesdaysgone) spills out more lies that are not even true.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 15, '06 11:22pm
Actually tuesday's gone is Tim, a loser with too much time on his hands who seems to be obssessed with me.
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 16, '06 12:43am
Who is Brother T?
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 16, '06 1:50am
^^^^this guy above me has retard strength, STAY AWAY FROM HIM!
by: patman
Dec. 16, '06 12:20pm
Seriously, the legend is clearly schizophrenic.
And who is Brother T?
And where is Mr.T?
And where are my tea and crumpets???

by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 16, '06 5:15pm
"... lies that are not even true..."

You didn't get scared and call the police to Valentines, and the people who saw you do it are lying. Nice!
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 16, '06 8:56pm
Don't believe these rumours coming from tuesdays gone, I never called the police to Valentine's. That's all false lies. I did say I was going to call the cops if Legend kept up his immature crap and that was as far as I got, I never called the cops. After a few minutes of talking, we were cool later that night. tuesdaysgone is a pathological liar.

And for some insight on Brother T, he's a local comedian songwriter who plays guitar and writes comedy songs.
by: frydaddy
Dec. 17, '06 10:25am
If you are on the board Brother, it was good seeing you out last nite. AG
by: greekisextra
Dec. 17, '06 1:02pm
Actually I remember getting to Valentines right after that open mic. Mike the bartender was PISSED OFF , saying "what kind of jerkoff would call the police over something like that?" You DID call the cops that night, Kev. That really pissed the staff at Valentines off. I know Howard Glassman wasn't pleased about it one bit. Kev, now you're saying you didn't do it, but there are several witnesses who saw you do it. Calling the cops over little bullshit things is not cool and you shouldn't lie about it Kev.
by: hefybonks
Dec. 17, '06 3:02pm
LOL!! Kev you pussy, how you figure you're gonna make it in New York City when you're scared of some no-talent mope with a plastic bag on his head? And then you lie about it!! I'd say that I'll never attend your shows again, but I'm not your dad or cousin Tobiaz, so it's not like I can claim I've ever attended a show in the first place.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 17, '06 5:10pm
You losers with too much time on your hands can say all you want, I never called the police at Valentine's on the Legend, they never came. All lies are above. Go find a new hobby for those with low income. My last response in this thread.
by: hefybonks
Dec. 17, '06 5:46pm
What should those of us with high incomes do? Not all of us clean dishes at diners Kev! Don't discriminate!
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 17, '06 5:55pm
Dan, please delete this thread before it gets out of hand. I wanted to see if the rkstar board know this Legend guy, I got my answer so I see no reason for people to replying to it. Thanks.
by: hefybonks
Dec. 17, '06 7:12pm
is THIS your last response in the thread? or will your next reponse be your last response until the next last response? You tell lies in this thread; why wouldn't you lie about calling the cops?
by: frydaddy
Dec. 18, '06 3:06am
I was at Valentine's the nite that Kev and "The Legend" had words. I stood right next to Kev at the bar. The Legend tried talking to Kev, but Kev kept turning away from him, and I sensed that this thing might escalate. I went over to Brother T and asked for his intervention. Right after that everything calmed down. Kev did not call the police that nite, and no cops ever showed up. As much as I want to avoid the drama and stupidity, I needed to set the record straight as I saw it. I am NOT saying this to try and take sides or defend Kev. Peace... AG
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 18, '06 7:27am
Thanks for being real, Al! You da man!

I assure you, if Mike and Howard came on this board and saw this thread, they would completely deny that were PISSED OFF at me 'cause both of them guys has been pretty supportive of me from day 1.
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 18, '06 6:16pm
It appears that I was wrong, it's pretty rare when I am wrong but I will admit it and apologize when it happens. Kev Brock did not call the police on The Legend Rayford Faulkner, he threatened to call the police, which is no surprise to me because this is what most people do when they are intimidated by harmless laughing material.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 18, '06 6:22pm
Well Legend was being very harrassing, abusive, and he threatened to beat my ass out in the street that night. So I made a promise that I would call the cops if he layed a hand on me in a violent physical way. I think that's a good enough reason to pull some action right there. Don't make up such lies if you haven't been there to see what's going on. Now please, grow up, let it go and move on. If everyone in this board has seen Legend's show "Unreal Variety Show" you would know how insane this guy really is. He's all about himself. He only supports you and only he's your friend if things doesn't go his way.

by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 18, '06 6:29pm
Ooops I meant to say "Legend only supports you and he's only your friend, if you agree the Legend that he is and if things only go his way". My grammar mistakes...and no worries, misunderstandings happen all the time. So not a big deal there tuesdaysgone. No sweat!
by: greekisextra
Dec. 18, '06 9:46pm
Kev, I was wondering what your education is. Did you graduate from Greenwich High?
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 18, '06 9:49pm
Yep sure did. I also work two jobs thank you, I rent my own house and pay all the bills, so my income is doing fine. ;)
by: greekisextra
Dec. 19, '06 9:24am
did you graduate when you were 27?
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 19, '06 9:47am
I actually graeduated in 1996, I was about 19 or 20, you know I wouldn't graduate at 27, that's stupid and lame, and I believe that answer was to insult me. Back to the original topic please.
by: patman
Dec. 19, '06 3:20pm
C'mon, Kevrock was just being nice and everything is settled.
i left a mistake in 'cause it sounds pretty cool.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 19, '06 9:05pm
I agree, thanks patman. I was being nice and polite in this whole thread, coming in here accusing me of calling the Police on Legend was totally uncalled for.
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 19, '06 11:05pm
The Legend finally got back to my email, he said the police were called.
by: joem
Dec. 20, '06 12:04am,'s everyone's holiday shaping up? who's going to shows this week?
brian bassett *full band!* and knotworking this friday 11/22 at lark tavern. it will be "swell". you kids over 21 should be there.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 20, '06 12:48am
"The Legend finally got back to my email, he said the police were called." - tuesdaysgone

Legend's a lying S.O.B. too, I never called the police and Legend knows it. Tim dude, you actually believe everything this Legend guy says? You ever watch Legend's show? It's all garbage. I just watch his show 'cause he's good laughing material and I'm very sure that's the only reason why people watch his show to laugh at how pathetic this man is.

Enough of the police crap already. Legend Rayford Faulkner is a guy that can't be trusted. He's a very risky fellow who could get arrested at anytime out there. Him getting barred at almost every bar out there shows it. He's a trouble maker.

A guy that thinks he's a legend 'cause he actually thought Paddy Kilrain meant it when she was just joking and making fun of him when he didn't even realize it.

Legend is a phony who think it's okay to put people down on his TV show. His show won't last forever.

Say all you want, but the police weren't called. Another way to prove that I didn't call them is ask Howard Glassman and Mike of Valentine's, and they would deny it too. Legend is a lying delusional person that belongs in a mental ward. Period.

by: joem
Dec. 20, '06 1:25am
so,no? that would be a no,nobody is going out? really,that lark tavern show is going to rock. you should be there. your friends too.
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 20, '06 1:28am
Thanks man, I'll try to be there at the open mic. Sounds like fun.
by: fanofblackcats
Dec. 20, '06 10:24am
by: joem
Dec. 20, '06 9:04pm
why did the legend change his stage name?
by: frydaddy
Dec. 21, '06 1:01am
by: fanofblackcats
Dec. 21, '06 1:42pm
Kev Brock ate Bart Simpson's shorts
hehehehe!'s a joke so don't piss and moan
by: patman
Dec. 21, '06 2:36pm
i'm glad you said it was a joke 'cause i thought i remembered that episode.
by: patman
Dec. 21, '06 2:37pm
Um, that was a joke too.
by: Ashleythrockstar
Dec. 24, '06 6:30pm
anyone else find it amusing when a person acts as though they are superior to someone else because they aren't letting that inferior person get to them.... and then they continue to carry on and obviously let that person get to them? Because if they didn't care they'd just say "ah screw it, who cares" and let it go. just amused.
by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 24, '06 8:08pm
I find it very amusing. Uhh....what were we talking about?
by: patman
Dec. 25, '06 12:28am
"anyone else find it amusing"?. No, just confusing: What???
by: patman
Dec. 25, '06 12:39am
Anyway, the legend is not a legend... period.

by: tuesdaysgone
Dec. 25, '06 12:57am
Kev Brock is the REAL legend!
by: kevbrockmusic
Dec. 28, '06 7:07pm
That's why Rayford Faulkner got mad at me in the first place, 'cause he knows I, the Brock, am a true legend!!! LOL, just kidding. I'm no Legend either, just a simple bum enjoying music and enjoying life. Although I'm flattered with the comments Tim. Thanks! ;)
by: greekisextra
Jan. 29, '07 4:16pm
Kev, I like the spin you put on 'That's the Way' by Led Zep. You're voice sounds like Elmer Fudd on reverb.
by: tuesdaysgone
Jan. 31, '07 6:55pm
The Elmer Fudd jokes have gotta stop now! They made fun of Dylan's nasal whine, too, and let's not even bring up rock and roll's most overrated "talent" Lou Reed. A good song is a good song no matter what the singer sounds like. I for one liked the reverb drench in That's The Way, it gives the song a haunting, vague quality.
by: patman
Jan. 31, '07 11:05pm
And let us all remember, as everyone knows: Bob Dylan and Lou Reed are no Kevbrock...
by: patman
Feb. 1, '07 12:03am
And if the great Seinfeld can have a, "show about nothing"; i think us amatuers, can have a thread about nothing..
OK, keep moving , there's nothing to see here..

by: hOplyte
June 4, '09 11:26pm
Biggups to the Legend Rayford Faulkner!!
who is else would risk their life to find "stupid nerd mom service" in the murky waters of a dark well. Rayford is a faulkin legend.

I subscribe to the Variety Show.

Keep doin your thing Rayford, your millions of extraterrestrial fans have your back!

by: channel16staff
Aug. 2, '09 11:45pm
"The Legend" ( quote, unquote) Rayford Faulkner is a very smelly pain in the ass for those who have to deal with him. He wants to cause harm to anyone that he feels doesnt worship him or his retarded attempt at strumming a guitar. Those who have had the misfortune of trying to assist him have felt his knife in their backs. Hopefully soon he will be relocating to "Hollywood" as he is telling everyone so that he will become a great big celebrity and get a recording contract and be a star in movies and on TV. in the meantime check out The SuperNerds Website. They have a few videos they made dedicated to Rayford Faulkner and add some comments to the guestbook while you are there.

Click on the Link
by: patman
Aug. 3, '09 9:51am
He pollutes the air with noise and odor. And he mutes the strings--he can't "play" guitar. If he loses the odor he has a chance in the "so bad he's good" category. Shrink wrapping comes to mind...hmm, noise and odor.
by: kevbrockmusic
Aug. 4, '09 11:32pm
LOL, at The Legend going to Hollywood to become a huge national star. You Rayford supporters are just as delusional as he is if you think that's actually going to happen which it won't. The guy's a crazy loon that is in need of profesional help.

To Channel16staff, how many viewers does the "Unreal Variety Show" gets when it airs on Sacc-TV? I'm willing to bet Rayford gets only like 1 or 2 viewers.

Hollywood is not going to welcome Rayford Faulkner. Just ask Duane "The Dog" Chapman or Don Imus. Gotta love how Karma works.
by: stinko
Sept. 3, '10 4:30pm
He has a Facebook
you can see his latest rants and drama


Some funny comments and stuff going on!
by: stinko
Sept. 5, '10 12:28pm


Rayford shows you what he does with his guitar
"Theyre gonna put me in the movies...i'm gonna be a Big Star!..." "howl"
by: stinko
Sept. 5, '10 12:34pm
What is he dragging ?

KEV BROCK is fighting with RAYFORD FAULKNER in this video! they have a feud! lol

by: Stinko
Sept. 5, '10 12:46pm
by: Stinko
Dec. 29, '11 12:24am
it's Everyones Favorite Legend and the lovely Kev Brock together at last.
on this video they are feuding? apologizing? or...???
by: Stinko
Dec. 29, '11 12:29am
Kev Brock Mr Universe has a message for all U haterz!
by: patman
Jan. 2, '12 8:16pm
patman the professor of pop


whowasdat unmaskedman?
by: patman
Jan. 2, '12 8:22pm
by: patman
Jan. 2, '12 8:24pm
i believe...
by: stinko
Jan. 23, '12 6:02pm
:D Ha Ha! Must Watch!!! feud between the legend and kev brock is played out as the saga comes to the big screen
(well little screen actually)
kev brock comes to the legends turf seeking out a fight
part 2:D
by: patman
Jan. 24, '12 8:01pm
i believe...
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