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This list is generated on the fly based on readers' votes on your favorite local (capital district) bands, so every time someone joins, edits their profile, or unsubscribes, this list changes. The top twenty voted acts get listed on every Rkstar page in "The Local Twenty" in the top left corner. If you're a local band who would like to be added to the list, please visit this link. If you're just visiting to see who the most popular bands are, be sure to take into account the fact that new bands start at the bottom and it takes an average of 2 months to average out. You can read through recent news posts to see who has been added lately.
PlaceBand Name     StylesVotes
1)    Monkey Gone Mad     Ska, Punk, Funk   1072
2)    Sirsy     Female-Fronted, Alternative, Pop Rock   1065
3)    Paddy Kilrain     Anti-Folk, Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter   736
4)    Jupiter Sunrise     Power Pop, Punk Pop   611
5)    The Velmas     Alternative, Modern Rock, Pop Rock   553
6)    Public Access     Punk, Ska, Hardcore   497
7)    Sean Rowe     Anti-Folk, Funk, Soul   431
8)    Brian Kaplan Band     Modern Rock   400
9)    Bryan Thomas     Soul, Singer/Songwriter   381
10)    Mathematicians     Indie, Dance, Electronic   323
11)    Venomentality     Indie, Female-Fronted, Modern Rock   310
12)    Acoustic Trauma     Alternative, Progressive   293
13)    See Girl Run     Female-Fronted, Folk Rock   279
14)    Mike Grosshandler     Acoustic, Alternative, Modern Rock   276
15)    Wetwerks     Modern Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative   264
16)    The Wait     Alternative, Pop Rock   262
17)    Honeycreeper     Ska, Funk, Punk   244
18)    Jonathan Bright     Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter   233
19)    Rocket Vs. Robot     Pop Rock, Punk, Electronic   226
20)    Jes Hudak     Piano, Singer/Songwriter, Pop Rock   226
21)    Knotworking     Indie, Americana   225
22)    Rob Skane     Folk   200
23)    The Suggestions     Power Pop   194
24)    The Renowned Army     Alternative, Punk, Indie   185
25)    Ten Year Vamp     Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative   162
26)    Maurizio     Folk Rock, Indie, Singer/Songwriter   161
27)    Five Til Midnight     Alternative, Indie   158
28)    Arc     Americana, Pop Rock   153
29)    Pocket Protector     Indie, Funk, Acoustic   153
30)    The Late Night Show     Ska, Funk, Reggae   152
31)    Dave Strumfeld Group     Acoustic, Jazz, Folk Rock   146
32)    Great Day For Up     Alternative, Hard Rock   141
33)    Steve Moss     Pop Rock, Power Pop, Indie   140
34)    Stickmen Play     Funk, Jam Band   140
35)    Amazing Plaid     Experimental, Indie   138
36)    Blackcat Elliot     Alternative, Indie, Modern Rock   124
37)    Geno K     Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Alternative   120
38)    Candice Jarrett     Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic   119
39)    Phillips Head     Punk Pop, Modern Rock, Alternative   118
40)    Blake & The Family Dog     Folk Rock, Americana, Singer/Songwriter   116
41)    Alycia Ercums     Singer/Songwriter, Piano   116
42)    Joe Nacco     Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Pop   115
43)    Casey Chapman     Acoustic, Female-Fronted, Anti-Folk   113
44)    Marlow     Emo, Jam Band   108
45)    Brian Bassett     Indie, Pop Rock, Alternative   95
46)    Hector On Stilts     Power Pop, Pop Rock, Dance   88
47)    Steve Scarlata     Folk, Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter   75
48)    Parwana     Experimental, Indie, Punk   73
49)    Panache     Female-Fronted, Alternative   70
50)    Brothers Of Intention     Jam Band, Funk, Progressive   69
51)    The Decadent Royals     Modern Rock, Jam Band   67
52)    The Realside     Acoustic, Electronic, Pop Rock   65
53)    Broadcast Live     Spoken Word, Hip-hop, Jam Band   60
54)    Mother Necessity     Modern Rock, Hard Rock, Jam Band   58
55)    Mike Germano     Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Jazz   55
56)    Melodrome     Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Blues   51
57)    Kelly Maguire     Acoustic, Pop, Country   50
58)    The Frank Boscoes     Indie, Pop   43
59)    Aspect Ratio     Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Americana   40
60)    Carlene Godfrey     Folk Rock, Acoustic, Pop Rock   40
61)    Moloko Canes     Indie   38

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